Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brothers of Nothing

I've nothing to offer, so do you,
We can cook food, as long as you don't finish it
We can drink beer, as long as you leave me four
But we have no money in our banks,
Despite that we gather around our ranks

Why we are friends I wonder
For women abstain our homes,
For we've no contacts to give you jobs,
Our languages and cultures vary like the moods of a women
For we are people who can only talk nonsense
But we do have some chicken and beer
And you can have them, as long as you would give me some too

As our days come to a close, I ask
Won't you all stay for another drink,
Stay till the neighbors kick us out,
Talk into the nights about our lives and the lack of it,
For tomorrow, we might have money and houses
But we wouldn't have the joys of drinking with little money
Or Dance into the night like senseless creatures,
And be the Brothers of Nothing....

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