Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Glasshouse....

If I could throw a brick I would,
Shatter the glass windows that have sealed within me,
Why won't words come to me, where have you disappeared to,
Why do I struggle to speak, why won't I speak
Words disolve into the paper, my words have been stolen
My pen has dried from inactivity, it seems so long since I wrote
Has the old lady, sealed away my words for a prize

Though beauty surrounds me, beauty of the hopeful and the bleak
I see people in love, people lonely, I see beautiful people,
I see the homeless, craving for a piece of bread,
I see the happy, in joy of love, and life
but yet I am unmoved, I feel nothing, see nothing,
The circles and fountains unomove me, the rainbows don't seem to inspire me
Listless and enstranged, I see truly far away from them all
locked away in my world, insulated by everything
Invisibly moving through the days


  1. Hey,
    You borrowed my picture for your blog. Next time, could you shoot me an email or something, just to let me know beforehand? Thanks.
    ~ c.landrie