Tuesday, June 28, 2011


What do I want to be, do I imitate you, or you in the corner
I dream of the original idea, but its not there
I struggle for identity, in midst of Joe everydays and black suits,
Everyone is running towards somewhere, why do I not want to be there...

Do I drop the accent, and the haughtiness and be me
But where do I find me, is there a me
Am I supposed to be my father's son, or my College's alum or my country's citizen,
But why not me, even though I don't know who I'm

Do I want to travel, do I want to see parts of the world that few could imagine
or Do I want to run back home, enjoy the monsoons
go back to the playgrounds to remember a simpler day
But do shadows and empty fields await me, as a stranger

Maybe, but I will scale that mountain to seek me,
And when I do, I will meet you on it peaks
Until then...

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