Saturday, April 17, 2010

Father I need you...

Will I dissolve into a meaningless being
Or will i take the fight to bring my life some meaning
Am I an angle sent from the heavens
Or just being suffering through disillusion or madness
As I struggle to cope up with my petty life, I see chaos and uncertainty ahead in these roads
They seem to heading into a dark alley, where I will be beaten into pulp again and again

Why do I suffer so, I wish I knew, for I've no answers
In my fits of alcohol, I look above and ask Why, why my lord
What did I do, for what have I sinned, or what have I wronged
Did the Father not tell you of the sins that I didn't commit
Why do you do this to me?

I cry my heart out into the emptiness, asking for this misery to end,
I pray that this night ends and that there is hope
But I cry alone, I pray alone, I sit alone, as my life slips into insanity and madness
Father, won't you help me out, won't you bring me a vision of your plans for me
Don't foresake me in this endless night, I need you
I will wait on the hilltop, to seek your deliverance
I do not belong to anyone or to anything, I've nothing left but hope
Give me my shining day in the sun
if not I will not be afraid to face whatever you want me to go through
But Father please don't forsake me, for I need you in this endless night......

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  1. wats goin on wit u !!!!!!!!!!!
    and dnt tell me its NOTHIN