Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Under the Heavens

Love Silhouetted
Originally uploaded by aknacer

Through the siloutte of my window blinds, I can see that the heavens have opened up
I've no sense of what day it is,
My room smells of unwashed clothes and alcohol,
It feels like an eternity since I stepped out of my self contained Hell,
My brain tells me that I need a lot more than a bath and shave

I step out, into the pouring rain to feel nature's blessing
As the tears of the God brush my face, I remensince of the days that have slipped away
Days, that all have turned into ashes by the fury of hells's fire
I stand in the rain hoping it washes away the ashes
Into the streams of an unknown ocean

The rain has extinguished the heated earth
Maybe, I should step into town,
Make contact with living and not just speak into emptiness
As the town draws close, I can see the moon in the sky, protected by the clouds
The shining lights, and buzz of the town strikes me
I feel lost in this oceans of people, Do I belong to this herd
What am I doing here?

Then You comes along, and pass me a reassuring smile
As if everything is ok and to be at ease,
And then you just disappear into the darkeness
Who are you and where did you go?
Desperately I look around to catch the smile that left me in a trance
Then I catch your eye and you're sitting across me with your beautiful smile
Is it what you say, or is it how you move, I feel memerised
I can just feel the room disappearing into the background,
With just us the two of us light in it,

As the night passes by, so does the inhibitons and its attachments
As I move close to you, Your clothes dissolve into the night,
And you come and lay next to me, and pass me your love
As We make love into the night, I take you into my heart and pour it into you
And you just smile, and kiss me...The night passes on...

Its morning again, and it's raining again
You're lying next to me,
I've no more ashes to be washed away
Only a beautiful day in the rain....With you...


  1. Was was the stripper's Ph no? :-P

  2. Take it down, 716-830-0474...Enjoy

  3. Oh now I get it, the state of gloominess. :-P

  4. in the name of the lord all mighty.......jst tell me this is jst a poem and tht u didnt jst write about u getting laid...........