Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tales of Alex and the Space Exploring Dinosaur- Chapter 3: Us & Them

Chapter 3: Us & Them

“How is this even possible? Since when did beings have forms of guitars and walls? And why do they speak English? Come on this has to be a dream!!!!”

Sam reassures Alex “ Listen kid, how can you possibly think of this being a dream. Is being on the moon unfathomable? Did those history textbooks tell you that Dinosaurs went extinct? Think again. Now about the Guitar Creature, it dissipates some of the best forms of sound known to any kind in the universe. Does it matter how it looks. Do you still not want to believe that it’s all-real” Alex gives him the stare, thinking, “ While this Dinosaur is surely crazy, why he makes sense as to why I would want this to be not real, its awesome” Sam smiles at him, and nods “ Yes it is”.

As they approach Floyd & Pink, Alex recalls of those long afternoons that he used to spend with his mom. He never understood the strange noises those records made, especially her favorite The Dark Side of the Moon. And now he feels it makes complete sense that it sounded so out of this world, it was of alien origin. Literally. But yet he is more reminded of the sense of calm and peace he felt as he listened to "Us and Them", as he drifted into the realms of his subconscious where everything was slow, peaceful and beautiful.

Alex is a little bit wary of how these creatures would react to a human. But surprisingly, he sees Floyd singing the guitar track of "Us and Them", with its slow paced and soulful sound and Alex is suddenly at ease, and realizes how much he is at home here with a single play of a song. Pink approaches him, and speaks up "Hi Alex, I'm Pink. I've been a wall ever since I can remember and I specialize in building walls and then breaking them down and building them all over again. And this is Floyd the Guitar, his noises are said to be from the Gods of Rock themselves. Don't be fooled by the strange shape, he is the master of beautiful noise. But I give you a warning; he can be sometimes a bit testy and go into crazy tunes. I think he needs to be retuned once in a while" Suddenly Floyd, launches into a guitar riff of "Another Brick in the Wall" and Pink replies "All right All right. I get it...He is the greatest ever".

Alex is amazed at the camaraderie between two after hearing about the war the two waged from Samuel. Samuel reads his thoughts and tells him "The thing is, before I brought you here, I gave them a little warning". "What did you tell them?” asks Alex. Pink gulps and mentions "That he would turn Floyd into dinner and use my bricks as stones to fry Floyd over. Gulp". Alex smiles at Samuel, and thinks, "He must be one mean beast. Thank god, he is on our side".

Now that they have been introduced, Samuel feels its might be time to give the entire picture on what's going on. Samuel beings "Alex, I'm sure you're eager to know why you’re here. While it all might seem strange, it is quiet simple. I brought you here because Floyd and Pink need your help". Alex surprised asks, "What help could possibly a ten year old give a couple of music legends". Pink jumps in and begins to explain "As Samuel told you before our civilization is dying. Good rock music is dying, the Great Wars waged between Floyd and I have left our civilization is shambles. And an alien race called Idols and GotTalents moved in and began destroying our civilization with their infernal music; our civilization couldn't bear to hear it and has been slowly dying off. We're on the brink of extinction."

Alex replies, "That is all extremely sad, but what can I do, I'm just a 10 year old boy who doesn't even know how to sing or play the guitar". Alex suddenly realizes how much of lie he has said and his expressions tell of it. Ever since he first listened to Pink Floyd, he would have endless dreams of being on stage performing "Us and Them", while the entire crowd would be in awe of his voice and his guitar skills. Even though he never had the confidence to ever admit it to anyone, he still would sneak away and learn to play the guitar in the basement while his siblings where snuck away in bed. Samuel looks at him ask him, "Really, Alex. You've never played the guitar? Not even the tune of Us & Them". "Gulp, how did he know that? This is getting dangerous, he reads everything I think" Alex wonders. And then he speaks up "All right, I lied, I'm pretty good at Guitar. But why do you need me? You've Floyd, the descendant of The Rock of Gods".

"Floyd might be of Gods, but his time is coming to an end. And he is no match for the power of the Idols and GotTalents. They've control over the airwaves, brainwaves and even telewaves. And we need a new blood to defeat them, and prove once and for all that the Civilization is still kicking and we want our empire back from these thieves. You can be symbol of hope that we desperately need to bring those in fear and laziness to break out and produce beautiful music and Alex, we all feel you're our Next Rock God"

"I’m not sure if I fit a God, but all right I'm in, so what do you want me to do ", Alex replies. Samuel, clearly happy that Alex has agreed, "Lets sleep for the night, it’s been a long day and you've had to take in a lot. We'll talk once we get some nights rest and the Dark Side of the moon is in its full force again" Alex tries to get shut eye for the night, but his thoughts are transformed into excitement at the prospect of being the Hero that he always dreamt of being and intense trepidation for this mighty unknown race who have stuck so much fear into Floyd and Pink. Well, at the very least, he thinks “Out of the Way, it’s a busy day and I’ve got things on my mind"

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