Friday, March 26, 2010

Tales of Alex and the Space Exploring Dinosaur- Chapter 2: The Dark Side of the Moon

"Alex wonders to himself , "Wow, the moon looks so beautiful, even though it has a feel of destroyed beauty with its craters, mountains, I could imagine being lost wonderfully in this serene and lonely world". Suddenly Sam turns to him and asks "Who said its lonely?". Stunned for a minute, Alex can't believe firstly that Sam just read his minds and secondly What did he mean We're not lonely. He wonders, what sort of dinosaur is this. His teacher never mentioned that they travelled Space, neither did she say about any speaking legibly and also Dinosaurs are meant to be extinct. Though he was glad Sam wasn't.

Even though Alex's mind were filled with questions and a bit of frustration, he was more occupied by the fact that he was on the moon. The moon where rockets go to with their astronauts and he had reached it within minutes. He couldn't help but being a bit smug. The moon he wished upon every night. As a kid, his grandmother used to tell him stories about the moon, about how it grants wishes and is always present to talk to. So every night before he slept, he used to pray to Moon asking for a companion, a friend who would be with him no matter what and take on adventures into the unknown worlds he dreamt of.

Sam looks at Alex and asks him "Do you want to know, who else is among us?". Alex, though reluctant to find out, grudgingly replies "OK". So Sam tells him a tale of 2 friends, "Have you ever wondered where music came from. Well, long ago there was a civilization of Creatures which ruled the moon. Their form of expression was music. So if someone wanted to cry they would sing "Let it Be", if they were happy it would be "Strawberry Fields Forever", and hence music was created. The kingdom was ruled by 2 leaders, Floyd and Pink. At some point, for certain reasons they had a falling apart. Floyd wanted to play the guitar all day, while Pink wanted to write lyrics. Because they couldn't agree on it, music began crumbling and the civilization slowly start dying out.  And in their desperation they send a record to planet Earth hoping to keep music alive. And this is why the first record of True music on the earth is called The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd." Alex, while perplexed at the story, can't help asking "Why you telling me this?". Sam, takes a minutes and tells him "I will tell you in some time, lets walk on".

Alex, looks across, how gently Sam's step are. He thought the earth, or rather the moon would shatter every time Sam took a step. He also didn't know that dinosaurs had a pleasant expression, especially seeing those jaws. But Alex trusted Sam, it was if he had met him in a previous life and were best of friends. But yet he couldn't place it where. As they passed, a huge crater, Alex sees fossils of guitars and bricks. He wondered what it was all about. He looks up to Sam and asks, "Why are there remains of guitars and that of a wall here?". Sam looks at him and smiles, and gestures in a direction and what Alex sees next amazes him.

2 creatures, one shaped in the form a guitar and another shaped in the form of wall, arguing with each other. Those must be Floyd and Pink.


  1. I KNOWWWWW!!! the next story is about "another brink in the wall"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really like the way Pink and Floyd came into all this... :-D

  3. I see, I see. :)
    Pink and Floyd made its way into this tale here.
    Talking about 'Time' should be easy now. :)

  4. As i said...try changin the name of your blog...As discussed...LOL

  5. Gosh, I can truly understand what Alex is going through right now. I remember that day when I was peacefully traveling from college to my home in the bus. Then the big fat kid sat next to me & told me the story of Pink & Floyd. I thought it scrambled my brain !!!

  6. Pink and Floyd?? Oh God, nice twist. :)

  7. its funny how pink and floyd came up with them Beatles songs :)

  8. idea....wanna see where this goes... :)