Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Strange Birthday Circa 2008 :)

On Saturday was my birthday and probably one of the strangest and most uneventful days in my short 24 years. Firstly this was my 1st birthday in the US. So there was this thing about it turning the 16th in India, while the US lagged about by 10 and half hours. So I wasn't sure if it's my birthday yet or not. And that felt stranger than you think. People started wishing and stuff and that was eerie you've to say.

Then came the fact that I spent this birthday alone. There was no party, no cake cutting or the other things that filled my previous birthdays. If you know me well, you'll know I love my birthday and I get excited like no other day on my birthday. It's the day people wish me and more importantly give me gifts.hehe.I'm the king for the day. I remember sometime in my schoold days I wasn't well on the eve of my birthday and my mom suggested that I take the day off. If it was any other day I would've done it with glee and happiness but that day I was like "Nooooooooooooooo"...and I started doing some exercises to get over my sickness(god only knows why) and by the will of the mind I got well and went to school and became the hero of the class(for a day) and was soooo happy. Even in my 11th and 12th I wanted to wear "color" dress to school. Hehe..silly me..

So this birthday I woke up late, didn't even want to wake up. I don't know why. And took my time, had a nice breakfast. Read up stuff, called up a few people in India and then sent a few mails here and there and finally moved myself and went to a restaurant. Bought myself a nice meal and nice cold beer. And then went to the ice cream place and had some ice cream. After that I indulged myself in shopping and loafed around the place. It was strange thinking that there was no one tocelebrate my birthday with, at least the ones that I wanted to with...And as I was walking home I felt so sad thinking of my old days and realized that I would never have those fun and frolic filled moments of my younger days ever again.While I realize that the next year I might be surrounded by new friends and surroundings and maybe I will have a blast. Yet somehow the day that I got a year older filled me with sadness of no more "hero of the day" birthdays rather than the idea of getting old...Cheerio and welcome..to the 24 year old club

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  1. yeah...upcoming bdays would be days I rather prefer to sit at a comfy place and read a book and forget the fact that I am getting older...