Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Want to trade Hell for Heaven?

If everyone wants to go to heaven, why is everyone afraid of death!!!!

I sometimes think, what lies ahead. After today, after tommorrow and sometimes maybe even after death. Death is inevitable, but its amazing that we go on. We know that we're fragile, that it takes nothing to end anyone life. Funny. We build mansions, buy fancy cars, want to've huge bank balances, but the moment you die, does it matter. Whether you're poor or rich, you've to die and go wherever is that you're headed without what you've bought/stolen or earned. And despite all this we still keep on going, keep on living. Is it because we realise that there is life beyond today or tommorrow. Or is it because we don't think all that much in the 1st place to be bothered about things like that. I don't know.

But I know, we all want to live and would take every single chance to live it, every single chance to hang on to it. I don't know what lies ahead, somedays at night I sit and wonder all this. Where does this road lead to, after all, there is a destination. I wonder If I'll be rich, if I'll marry the girl I love, if I would've kids, If I'll be somebody tommorrow, and then I wonder what after all this ends... What after it..What??

My friends tells me that there has to be more to life, that even after death there has to be something, otherwise its a pointless life. But I'm a skeptic of that view, not because I don't want it to happen, but because How can we be sure? Could this just be a joke, yeah you live and then you die and thats it. Goodbye..finito..What if, this is a test, only those who clear this round make it to the next...Our entires life is based on this idea, Survive, live on..move on...And what if at the final step, its an deadend...No More!!!!!!!!! What if??

I wonder....And thats the beauty of life...Like Sting once said, the only thing certain in life is death!!!!

Till then...Live On!!!!!!!!

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