Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Doing the right thing...

Its funny.. We always know what the right thing is, but we seldom do it...

Today evening, I was out on Brigade Road, was about to head back home. Then I thought, why not go to the pub & have some beer and head back home. Then I thought I should curb on having beer, so I thought I would get to Corner House and have one of their delicious Ice Cream. But then I thought I should cut down on my ice cream. For nearly twenty minutes, I was in dilemma, I knew doing that I would regret it, but somehow the temptation was a bit too much. I didnt know what to do, whether to go to Corner House or go to Pub World or just head back home. Even though I knew that doing any of that wouldn't be good, I still wanted to. Even though I knew this, I still was in a dilemma. Luckily for me I decided against either and headed back home and wrote this blog..

But very often most of us dont do that. We do the wrong things even though we know we shouldn't. We always believe tomorrow will be the day when we set things set right, but never does tomorrow turn up. Its about now or never. And that is the Right Choice...You Hate it but you know its right...If you're able to listen to it, well and good...If you can't, try to once in a while, you'll be more happier, maybe not that moment but a later stage down the road

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