Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tales of Alex and the Space Exploring Dinosaur- Chapter 1

Alex hardly had any friends growing up and he was the 10th kid of about 20 kids in his family. While being among his family gave him some amount of happiness, he always knew that he could truly never relate with them, not because of who they were but rather because of who he was. His life would always be about fantasies, dreams, and imaginations, lively yet unrealistic folk stories.

When he was 8, he went to the Dinosaur Exhibit at the local museum. While where he grew up there were no dinosaurs fossils and people probably never had heard of one, Alex for some reasons was extremely excited at the prospect. And surely enough the trip to the museum piqued his interests greatly in dinosaurs. Was it the magnificent height and structure of the skeletons, or was it the vivid stories the guide gave on how dinosaurs lived, and how they ruled the earth gazillion years ago, it was clear that Alex would give anything to go back in time to see these beautiful creatures . He was especially in love with the T-Rex, he would dream of being able to roam and scare everyone with it's scary and fearsome tooth. The only thing, he could closely recreate in life was its thunderous roar, which he would obligatory roar at every lunch break in school. The kids at first glance figured he had a nut loose and began making fun of him.But a sympathetic teacher understood his idiosyncrasy and took special interest him and shared with him all the books on dinosaurs she had being fascinated by as a kid.

One night, deep in his sleep he was woken up by roar outside his bedroom window. For a minute he thought it might have been a dream like the ones he had been having for the past few weeks and decided to go back to bed. But again, he heard a roar.He was tensed but yet curiously peeked outside his window. And wow, there stood a beautiful yet scary T-Rex Dinosaur. Alex couldn't believe his eyes, he pinched himself, gave himself a knock on the head and threw water on himself, but yet the creature still remained. Clearly this musn't be a dream and then to make things even weirder, it spoke, "Hello Alex, I'm Sam, the space exploring Dinosaur"...Shell shocked, Alex didn't speak a word. Alex was a very quiet kid and rarely spoke up even when he was excited. So he kept quiet hoping Sam would speak for him. Then Sam asked, "Do you want to see the moon? I can get you there in a few minutes". Alex was beyond belief and without uttering a single word he just nodded in agreement and grabbed his camera to ensure that in the morning he had proof to show his siblings.

Samuel takes Alex slowly in his claws, Alex can't help getting scarred thinking that those very claw have eaten so many creatures. Surely he couldn't be another. Samuel gently places him on his back and asks him to hold on. And they're off. As they blast off, he can see his house, the local tea shop, the ground where he plays every weekend, then he sees the bridge he takes every day to go to school and suddenly he sees his school, it looks so green from up above. He is so excited at the prospect of flying. Then he sees India, next to it Sri Lanka and miles and miles of beautiful blue oceans. The oceans sparkles like one of the diamonds he sees the rich lady next-door wears, except the ocean is a lot nicer and prettier.

Samuel asks him, how he finds the trip. He wants to tell him its unbelievable, breathtaking, and that he saw all cars driving up an downs the streets, that he thought all the houses looked like cardboard boxes from up above, yet all he tells him is "It's Ok, thank you". The kid despite wanting to tell so much more is scared to talk more, but yet he does tell him a "Thank You" because he realizes that Samuel made his dream come true, Being with a dinosaur and exploring the supernova. He wants to ask him so much, who he is, what he does, how does he live, he can't wait to know everything. He is bloody excited, and then Samuel tells him to look out and see what is on the horizon. He looks up, he sees the beautiful blue moon. He has seen them through Anand’s telescope and imagined of how the craters on the moon were actually Dinosaur footsteps. And now he can't believe that it might be actually true. He can't wait to get to the moon, and drive the moon rover.


  1. what?
    wheres the rest of the story?
    Did u forget to complete it? :-/

  2. Good one for the first chapter.. I think you should get the Labels right. It should be Dinosaur, not " Diinosour"

  3. hey bongo.....interesting....vry interesting !!
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  4. So when do we get to read the remaining part of the story?

  5. Good writeup...Interesting...

  6. Not bad! Good job on it! Off to read the next one. :)