Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Growing up..According to me Few Years ago

When you're young, you sit and wonder I cant wait to be old and to have this or do this or that and then you get old and you hope that you can be young again to not to do the things that you do today or to have this or that. The big difference in both the thoughts is that, in the former it will inevitably come while in the latter it will never be ever again be a part of your life. And it is that thought that I somehow can never escape and will escape I guess..

Recently I went back to school, went around 4-5, knowing none of the teachers would be around. Just wanted to be around the place, revisit all memories. God I miss them so much, that somedays I just wish that I could somehow get out of the life that I live today. I know its foolish and that those days are gone and will never be back. But as I stood through the corridors of my school, at the doors, the playgrounds, the classrooms, the blackboards, benches(Infact one of the benches, still had the remains of some of the art work we had done), you just couldn't help feeling at that moment that you're stuck in a place which you want, buy you won't get, you won't live again here

But then if everything is black or white, things would've been soo much more simpler in life, wouldn't it. But unfortunately it isn't. All you can do is rememember those memories, yes you've to move on and I will as everyone does. Live today, dream about tommorrow and nostalgicaly think about yesterday.

There are no solutions here, neither are there any problems, just an nostalgic guy..who seems to take forever to get over them...

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