Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lucifer, I hear you await me

Lucifer, I hear you await me
How many drips of alcohol will it take for you to show yourself
Come out of your hiding, I want you to burn me, I'm ready to see you in your true colors
Send me to your hell and your abyss, and burn me into ashes
You hid behind her mask, as you enamoured me, you promised me the world,
Then you left me behind in the woods, lonely, desperate and lost

You made me scream into the night, wail like a wolf in the wild
Wail I did, as I sought salvation, and for someone to light the woods
But nobody came, my tears became darker and so did the night
Bruised and incapable,you took me into your world
Showed me the lusts and temptations of the flesh and its attachments and asked me to sin,
You told me, I would burn in your kingdom if I didn't obey
And I whimpered, as my skin burned

But I can't live on like this, and I can't make you make me,
Burn me at the stake, throw me into the jagged rocks, for am I not afraid anymore
I will wait for you on the hilltop, and I will face you alone
I've left the world behind for I no longer care for the remnants of it
I want you to do your worst, for I will face you and defeat you
And you shall fall again from your kingdom

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